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cinnamon sunset

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//one more try?// May. 22nd, 2007 @ 03:57 pm
It has been a hell of a semester, in so many ways.

I'm no longer a college student now, despite the fact that I'm still seen wandering around my college campus. Talk about feeling old.

I'm not sure whether I should post here anymore. There are enough people on here who know me that it's not anonymous, but not public enough that I'd attach my name to it. Plus, there are a lot of things on here that I don't really want to go on my permanent internet record.

Anyway, I'll start reading my friends page again. If you're around my usual location, lets hang out - I'm here until June 30th, and then off traveling the world for a month before trying to settle down. Somewhere. Maybe.

./4 n G3L/

PS - The web interface is so much nicer now. Too bad it's a bit late O:-)

//well I had good intentions...// Jan. 4th, 2007 @ 08:52 am
me: I'll start updating my LJ again!
life: let me fuck your schedule repeatedly! muahahah!

in other news...

(8:46:59 AM) nullity_aim: what about beards then?
(8:47:15 AM) nat: what about them?
(8:48:53 AM) nullity_aim: do you like them?
(8:50:09 AM) nat: depends on the person
(8:50:18 AM) nullity_aim: fascinating
(8:50:52 AM) nat: why?
(8:50:55 AM) nat: im not eating them

right...so maybe I'll start posting again, but I might take another (shorter) recess - I'm in the UK until the 15th.

Off to dance practice.

./4 n G3L/

//for those of you keeping track...// Dec. 24th, 2006 @ 02:56 pm
...I'm back on LJ.

Somehow managed to survive this term, if only by biological standards. Off to shower, but a real post later today.

//a parting glance// Oct. 10th, 2006 @ 03:50 pm
so it looks like I honestly don't have time for my lj this term (or reading ljs for that matter). I apologize, but I think I'm going to be taking a hiatus...

That said, please leave me a comment if something drastic happens in your life - you leave lj, you're moving to sweden, things that will affect us coming back to our relationship in december.

./4 n G3L/

//everyone needs a confessional...// Sep. 4th, 2006 @ 02:42 am
//...and here's mine - I haven't read lj since my last post.

I have something to blog about, but it will have to wait (sleep i think firstishness?). Until then, not your typical monday...

8am - Date with Skype (greeneyes and I are mutually dating Skype through our rj45s).
before 9 am - Desperately write professors to placate them concerning the rest of day.
9am-11am - Work. And try and squeeze in reading.
11am-12:15 - audit Women Writers of the 19th Century.
12:15 - 12:30 - Get to dining hall and get food.
12:30 - Walk from dining hall to room, get shoes, and go to ballroom.
12:35 - 1pm - Practice for demos with Troy
1pm - 1:10 - Practice for demos with Jessica.
1:10 - attempt to make it to class on time.
1:15 - 2:30 - attempt to get into full senior seminar.
2:45-3:45 - audit class about medieval lit.
3:45 - Leave early for first demo.
3:45 - first demo.
4:45 - second demo
5-6 - Gold Standard.
6-6:30 - food.
6:45 - third demo.
7:00 - fourth demo.
7:15 - arrive late to class.
7:45 - miss fifth demo.
9:45 - leave class early.
9:45:01 - sixth demo.
10:00-11:00 - review cha cha with initiates.
11:00 - end of time - catch up with nick and try and work maybe? oh yeah email in thesis proposal that I wrote somewhere in there...

./4 n G3L/
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» //just a links post//

Meeting with dance coach tomorrow...anything to bring up that I haven't thought of yet? Telepathy skillz++

./4 n G3L/
» (No Subject)
Alright I've read my last page of journal entries - is there anything I should read and have missed? Let me know. guinevere33 has some sweet user pics. Especially the one about getting aol and dying. via flash47, this story about this vlog on youtube. There seems to be a lot of discussion as to what it's all about, but it seems to be fairly straight forward - one of the arguments against this being a marketing ploy is that she's not selling anything, but the attention economy isn't focused on selling anything. Another argument is that her boyfriend is a computer genius and does all the technical work. Yet when she and her boyfriend had a spat, her vlog quality did not deteriorate. This points to an independent editor. Just my 20 second thoughts.

Welcome to the 21st century soap opera. Yay viral marketing!

./4 n G3L/
» //dear lazyweb//
Dear Lazyweb,

Is there a way to determine actual the MAC address of a computer broadcasting an ad-hoc P2P network (the network is not a bridge? From all accounts the MAC addresses seem to be generated randomly...

Certain sites claim that their products can detect spoofed MAC addresses. Aside from comparing the publicly detectable specs on boxes using the same MAC address (this seems to be a hack, and easily defeatable), is there a way to determine whether a mac address has been spoofed from packet examination?


I haven't posted (or read) anything lately. I'm back in SoCal at uni, and crazy busy.

./4 n G3L/
» //because I should be finishing that todo list//
wow, no wonder America is still dominating the scientific field.

./4 n G3L/
» (No Subject)
nullity_aim: heyyyyyyyyyyyy sexy
kieri cat: hey there hot stuff
nullity_aim: you know, for a second there I had this horrible feeling that I was flirting with adam
kieri cat: no worries, hes out of town

back in the states! all of a week at home before I'm back down at school this friday...to do:

  • Apply to grad schools

  • Study and register for GRE

  • apply for JVC

  • Apply for peace corps

  • put in 40 hour work week

  • catch up with friends and family

  • miss greeneyes terribly

  • pack. again. (why do I even unpack anymore

  • update wardrobe

  • email coach about team

  • fix yac website

  • update dance website

  • send out dance survey

oh yeah, and it's tuesday...

./4 n G3L/
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